Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Weaponry of WWll

Aircrafts were not only essential in the warfares of world war two, but also
very much everyone's number one concern. All the combatant nations, USA, Germany, Japan, Britain, struggled to keep their aircraft up-to-date. Learn more about aircrafts, and what sorts were use for what here.

Tanks were not used often, but they were essential in every important millitary of the wars. This particular tank is two very important weapons of World War II together. The Flame thrower, and Tank. For more information on these weapons click here.

Machine gun such as the browning 0.5" (12.5mm)
and also early air craft cannons like the Hispano 20mm
image found here. These guns were first used in the American Civil War, used in the World War 1 and carried on into world war 2. These guns became very helpful because instead of killing just killing a couple men in a minute.. You could kill up to 600 men in one minute.

Bazooka, also known as the M9 anti-tank Rocket Lancher. Image found here. This Bazooka came into effect in June 1943. This weapon was one of the main weapon used by the United States army.

Atomic bomb..Or also know as a nuclear weaponry had a major
effect on the war because it could kill
thousands of people at once.
Image found here.

World War II had a major impact on warfare, and the different ways of taking on the enemey. During the Revolutionairy war, many ways of warfare changed, but in World War II it was mainly weaponry, bringing out the savage in every one of us. Many people were affected by the jump in weapons. Such as Japan, after we bombed them in avengance of Pearl Harbor. Many of the weapons here were very well interconnected, not being able to survive without the other. Aircraft carriers often had machine guns attached, for a much better advantage from air. Like wise, many of the weapons above needed the others to be able to be stratigical with their attacks. Tanks alone, could not take on an entire army.

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