Wednesday, February 25, 2009

U.S.A. in the pacific (Island hopping campaign)

The United States responded to imperial japans expansion by engaging them in the solomen and guilbert islands. After initil victorys in guadal canal and tarawa the united states would estblish there next base of oporation several islands behind enemy lines. This was desinged to sever lines of supply and communication so isolated japanese bases would wither on the vine.


Guadal Canal
Guadal Canal was the first island fought in the solomen island campain. in a six month period the US lost 7000 solders compard to 31000 to the japanese in pitched landl, air and sea battes.

may 1942 Mcarther vows to return to the philippines. 1944 Mcarther returns to rescue the men that he surrenderd to the japanese in 1942. the campain for the philippines lasted from 20th of October 1944-2nd of september 1945.



As Tom clancy put it "Iwo Jima was the last darnd 8sq mile peice of land standing bettween the united states and japan" or somthing to that effect. iwo jima was a defining moment for the marines.110,000 marines where sent to iwo jima .the raising of the flag ment 500 more years of marines.

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  1. Any info on the original American Volunteer Group aka The Flying Tigers? I am referring to the men who fought in China/Burma before the US entered the war not the 14th Air Force.