Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Women ande the War Effort (Rosie the Riveter) #1

This advertisement was created . It represents that we as women can do anything and even more than the men can do! The famous saying "We can do it!" was created when Rosie the Riveter first proved that she can do it, she was truly an inspiration to all women around the world!

Labor force for women grew 6.5 million. In 1944, 37% of adult women had jobs. When the war was at its peak, there were 19,170,000 women working.
In 5 years female work forces grew 50%. 1 in 10 women married and entered the work force.

This photo about Rosie the riveter is a perimary source created in 1943 by a famous painter Norman Rockwell.On May,22,2002 Norman rockwell started painting on canvas'es. He painted all different kinds of things, but a real famous painting would be Rosie The Riveter. The peropse of this famous painting is based on the women who had to do the mens work and jobs,while the men are at war in World War ll.

What make this painting so significant is that she was the on who told and said that "Yes We Can!". That indicates that all women could do the same work has men can do and even better. Rosie The Riveter is not a real person but is baste as a womens beleifs. She is almighty and strong, and independent. During the US the americans women had to work in the factories and house work. Why wasn't Rosie The Riveter a real person?. Rosie The Riveter was the most famous women figure you should that all women can do what men can do.

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